Chuck Berry Performs “Roll Over Beethoven”

Chuck Berry Performs “Roll Over Beethoven” during the 1994 Hall of Fame Inductions Ceremony.

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  1. Radi Karl 댓글:

    The damn micro;)
    Rest in Peace Chuck

  2. minabo taduro 댓글:

    Simply Chuck Berry!!!!!

  3. Bob Weir’s guitar playing (if you can call it that) sounds like white noise stuffed into an apocalyptic horseshit! Seriously, did he have a stroke or something. Jesus!

  4. Gaglias123 댓글:

    Who is on guitar besides Chuck?

  5. John Vee 댓글:

    The king of rock and roll

  6. carlo gambino 댓글:

    One time the cops busted Chuck, when they entered his house they found in the kitchen drawer 450,000 dollars cash and two big bags of weed. Haha love Chuck.

  7. Tony Jordan 댓글:

    Beats the hell out of the Beatles' or ELOs version.

  8. George Malo 댓글:

    Its kool to see chuck a fender yaa RIP chuck miss ya

  9. angels4bobseger 댓글:

    Rest in peace Chuck ! You were one of the best.

  10. caideassan 댓글:

    Quando o astro mostra sua simplicidade e dá a vez para os seus companheiros músicos. PARABÉNS CHUCK.

  11. Liam Marshall 댓글:

    Soooo … that's what chuck sounds like with a guitar that's in tune ? 😂

  12. rbtguthrie 댓글:

    If you're not tappin' your toe, you truly have a Great problem! This is terrific stuff, by Chuck the Great.

  13. Miguel Salas 댓글:

    Classic Chuck Berry

  14. Barry Plotkin 댓글:

    Actually, he was 68 :).

  15. Crusty Blood 댓글:

    Love it ! But I think the beggining looks like Johnny B Goode

  16. jan edvinsson 댓글:

    The rhythm..the rhytm..for God´s sake, the rhytm and the tone and the statements and the person..the one and only!

  17. Telecat Johnson 댓글:

    Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead. None of those turds could play.

  18. Esteban Orozco 댓글:

    Amazing!! 😀

  19. Something that will create amazing feelings for me!
    This music does nothing but making me feel like chicken, qw qw qw

  20. Please! You have Dubstep in your favorite videos! that's no music, this song has feelings, rhythm, power, and in the lyrics talks about a reality in the 50's… F*ck off to you.

  21. gggkinc 댓글:

    And what do you view as music?

    No, seriously, I'm interested in people's musical views.

  22. hul man 댓글:

    beethoven dislikes this