GT LTS-5 Elastomer Rear Shock Disassembly/Assembly

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    The rear elastomer shock on my 1997 GT LTS-5 mountain bike is toast. The elastomer stuff is sort of dry rotted. So I need to replace the part. But the part doesn’t seem to be available. So I took it apart to see what it will take to repair it. At this point, I think the best option is to buy an elastomer shock for a 1996 GT LTS-3 (which seems to be available), and modify it with parts from this shock. Once I have the LTS-3 shock, I will measure the elastomer. It might be possible to find an elastomer of that size, and with some modification (cutting a space in the bottom for the part that goes through the middle), make it work for the LTS-5.

    Check out my LTS-3 to LTS-5 shock conversion video here:

    How to replace GT LTS-5 rear elastomer shock with GT LTS-3 shock

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