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      iron lady of hackintosh

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      Hi there, wherever you are. Anyone knows how to fix preview app in Mojave? No preview of jpg.

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      My Hackintosh works like a charm thanks to your tutorials! Hats of to you!

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      AvatarNey Vigas Sobre todas as coisas

      Hi, please tell me why to assembly a hackintosh to use as like desktop ( internet, office, videos). I'd like to know this because, as I can see, the hardware is restricted so much. Today, I had used linux and works very well, so this is my doubt. Thank you very much. Sorry my english, I'm still working it!

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      bring it !!!

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      AvatarAbd Elmoniem Elsheikh

      I can sleep in a bed made of this voice

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      AvatarSlarti Bartfast

      happy 2019 Morgonaut

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      AvatarDanny Danymal Lee

      Hi! I'd love to know your thoughts on the impending change to ARM processors from Apple and what that will mean for hackintosh. Cheers!

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      AvatarDave Borchard

      You're audio and video quality are drastically improved compared to your older videos! The captioning improves your videos because you are sometimes hard to understand because of your accent. You're high quality content deserves the good audio, good video, and good captions it now has! The audio, video, and captions are the easy part. You're talent and technical knowledge is the valuable part!

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      AvatarKaranveer Singh

      Love your videos morgonaut ❤️

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      I'm thinking of building a hackintosh for editing in fcpx and music production. I am kind of unsure where to start I've never build a computer before. I'm thinking about going with the i7 9700k but I don't know which motherboard to choose because there not a lot of 9th gen hackintosh guides out yet.
      I'm also kind of confused about whether hackintoshs even run smooth because of mixed info here on YouTube any advice? Also where are you from I like your accent?

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      Avatarb. lee

      I’m very excited by this. Keep up the great work!

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      AvatarEnmy Myen

      Amazing 2 better than 1 👩‍🍳

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      waiting, I have to fix my boot because I needed to delete Windows to deal with something and when I put it back it broke the macos boot just like you mention on your other video before. XD Now I have to fix it but I have to re-do my water loop today flush it and refresh the system first. 😉 Do you have a Discord channel "Morgonaut"?

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      AvatarDev Tunes

      Really love your content 😍😍😍
      I wanna buy a laptop with the config is- intel core i7, 16GB ram, 256GB SSD and 4GB nvidia mx 150 graphics and brand HP pavilion series. is this possible to install hackontouch with no error please? I am overwhelming about it. Will you help me. Love from Bangladesh 😘😘😘

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      AvatarAboody Alluttfou

      Hello , i have a problem in boot i cant mount efi please help

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      AvatarPeter Paul Chato

      We await.

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      AvatarMark LaPrade

      I absolutely love your channel thank you for your hard work and dedication

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      Avatarmidge techknowledge

      Nice! You can do some videos and hackintosh installation on your new workstation. Nd review for the newest parts. 🙂 And as usual you look beautiful Teresa. 🙂

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