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    19 9900k 1Tb nvme 32GB 메모리, RX vega 56 Osx Mojave Hackintosh
     새로운 도착, parcel2go가 게시물에서 잃어버린 이전 유닛을 대체합니다.


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      AvatarAlan Aggett

      Got my asus xonar u7 sound card today and I am well impressed, sound quality is great. Picked it up in usb immediately and it worked no problems.Overall I very happy now and can enjoy listening to some quality tunes.

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      AvatarAlan Aggett

      A little addition here. Been running this for a few days or more now and have installed most of my software etc and overall I am more than pleased. It boots fast, everything works… its fast responsive and all you need. Just one point though, I like listening to my music through this unit(all Hi res and Flac files) and the sound is not quite there for me. My previous motherboard was an Asus tuf x299 unit and sounded considerably better. So ive ordered an asus u7 usb sound card and I ll let you know how that goes. I use Amarra 4 , Audirvana plus and Vox software for music.

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