Led Zeppelin – Heartbreaker – Live Earls Court

Led Zeppelin – Heartbreaker – Live Earls Court



  1. I would absolutely crap myself if Led Zeppelin, in their prime no less, would take a request of mine.

  2. 8thsinn 댓글:

    When was this performance?

  3. Пейдж в начале рифф запорол,забавно выглядело)

  4. Seek n Destroy 댓글:

    Lol i wanna solo like jimmy

  5. NextPlay 댓글:

    I heard bouree somewhere

  6. These werent concerts they were baptisms of pure electricity

  7. Eric Hanhauser 댓글:

    Wow. Wow. Holy shit. This is why. Why we love. Love it.

  8. nsc217 댓글:

    Why does he always sound out of tune and terrible live but on the recordings he sounds fine? Maybe he never did the recordings…

  9. Sus Sun 댓글:

    6:14 omg page is playing bach I think please correct me if I’m wrong I’m not 100% sure if it’s Bach but damn a classical riff in there I was suprised

  10. Weirdo 댓글:

    Ain't someone gonna say something about some parts of Page's solo.Some parts sound like beginner playing.Jimmy is awesome guitar player,but some of those parts really sound stupid.

  11. Noah Vayman 댓글:

    Parts of the solo sound like the intro to The Ocean. I wonder if what happened there in Earls Court gave some inspiration to it.

  12. LED ZEPPELIN. !!!!!

  13. Estelle Gilbert 댓글:

    Jimmyyyyyyyyyy 🙂

  14. Plant best hair in the business!!!

  15. Greatest rock n roll band of all times. Mayestic! 🤘🏻

  16. Lenny Luzitano 댓글:

    Life without Led Zeppelin is NO LIFE AT ALL…..Period….Thanks Zep for making my life so ultimately awesome !

  17. Lenny Luzitano 댓글:

    Oh Yes you will …because Lenny Luzitano is "ALIVE and WELL "………I'm coming back with a vengeance …! Check my songs out on You tube and ReverbNation.com

  18. And some people have the balls to say Page is not the best gittar of all time……And worse, Zeppelin inst the best rock band ever…. Go listen to Bieber mtfckers

  19. Did only me noticed that despite great variations he actually completely fucked up original solo?)
    And also i noticed that live he played somewhat slower than on the original track


  21. David Clarkston 댓글:

    Listen to that 59 gibson les paul express Jimmy's vision. Number 1 band

  22. Mshelto1 댓글:

    HeartBreaker Killer m/

  23. JusCuz410 댓글:

    7:17 Early Carouselambra.

  24. PatientMental 댓글:

    Come on Jimmy wtf

  25. Duck Meat 댓글:

    Page is so cool 😎