Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak On [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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  1. Them dance moves are crazy better than this new dance moves

  2. Avatar gabz24etcetera 댓글:

    Damn I remember this on 106 & Park. Damn the world is fucked up now days. Another fucking epic video!

  3. Damn 18 years after this song came out and now I speak some Hindi/Punjabi and never realized that was what was in this song! MIND BLOWN! Only she could pull that off!!! Love forever Missy E ❤

    Edit: FYI he says BAHUT MUJHKO which is Hindi/Punjabi for "a lot of me" like screaming THIS IS MEEE….😂

  4. Avatar Flower8 댓글:

    is the middle age man singing arabic? it sounds nice.

  5. Avatar Flower8 댓글:

    i forgot about this song. it was so popular when it came out!

  6. Avatar Sabah Javed 댓글:

    My childhood…still iconic! some of the best memories. Where are all these rappers!!? We need a come back of Missy Elliott, Timbaland….etc. Tired of hearing today’s crap of dick and pussy! Lol.

  7. Avatar Sharita Jones 댓글:

    Get to mutha fucken freak onnnnn😋

  8. Avatar Laylay Love 댓글:

    This was the party song for every kid party I know in the 90s

  9. 0:37 when you hear the timer go off on the microwave

  10. Avatar payson terhune 댓글:

    So much more talented than 99.9 percent of hip hop artists

  11. Avatar Studi♦️ Mix 댓글:


  12. And music vids just arnt this entertaining anymore. What happened??

  13. Avatar Let get it 댓글:

    10 year ago damn still love this song tho

  14. Avatar Archıtecture 댓글:

    çok kendine has bi havası olan bir parça şu ritim düzenine bak

  15. Avatar 200 6969 댓글:

    2:003:00 (without spit it out
    , in your face, just music, give you a taste)

  16. 18 years later and this song is still the shit anyone else still listening to it with me

  17. Female rapper's just really stooped so low no women in this generation I know of could do this

  18. ahead of time, still tha shit in 2019

  19. Avatar Moortis Burzum 댓글:


  20. 1:17
    When you hear someone talking shit about you.