Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak On [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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  1. aroz äGeR 댓글:

    The memes are on point

  2. Them dance moves are crazy better than this new dance moves

  3. gabz24etcetera 댓글:

    Damn I remember this on 106 & Park. Damn the world is fucked up now days. Another fucking epic video!

  4. Lexxi Paul 댓글:

    Ahead of its time.

  5. Damn 18 years after this song came out and now I speak some Hindi/Punjabi and never realized that was what was in this song! MIND BLOWN! Only she could pull that off!!! Love forever Missy E ❤

    Edit: FYI he says BAHUT MUJHKO which is Hindi/Punjabi for "a lot of me" like screaming THIS IS MEEE….😂

  6. Flower8 댓글:

    is the middle age man singing arabic? it sounds nice.

  7. Legendaria la diosa del rap 🔥

  8. Xsavier 댓글:

    100% Music
    0% Porno

  9. Flower8 댓글:

    i forgot about this song. it was so popular when it came out!

  10. Sabah Javed 댓글:

    My childhood…still iconic! some of the best memories. Where are all these rappers!!? We need a come back of Missy Elliott, Timbaland….etc. Tired of hearing today’s crap of dick and pussy! Lol.

  11. gideao pinto 댓글:

    amo esse clipe

  12. Sharita Jones 댓글:

    Bitch sound check

  13. Sharita Jones 댓글:

    Get to mutha fucken freak onnnnn😋

  14. Laylay Love 댓글:

    This was the party song for every kid party I know in the 90s

  15. 0:37 when you hear the timer go off on the microwave

  16. This is real anthem 🔥

  17. payson terhune 댓글:

    So much more talented than 99.9 percent of hip hop artists

  18. payson terhune 댓글:

    who was that hot Japanese boy?

  19. sandy taulelle 댓글:

    WHAOOO!!! BIG SISTA!!! 2019

  20. Studi♦️ Mix 댓글:


  21. And music vids just arnt this entertaining anymore. What happened??

  22. May 7th 2019 anyone!!

  23. Let get it 댓글:

    10 year ago damn still love this song tho

  24. Archıtecture 댓글:

    çok kendine has bi havası olan bir parça şu ritim düzenine bak

  25. Shubham Kumar 댓글:

    Indian beat baby…. ❤😘

  26. Love the cameos in this video…

  27. 200 6969 댓글:

    2:003:00 (without spit it out
    , in your face, just music, give you a taste)

  28. Daniel Garcia 댓글:

    “My god, has it been that long.”

  29. 18 years later and this song is still the shit anyone else still listening to it with me

  30. Female rapper's just really stooped so low no women in this generation I know of could do this

  31. Yayoush Ba 댓글:


  32. Becki 댓글:

    she's a legend

  33. ahead of time, still tha shit in 2019

  34. Moortis Burzum 댓글:


  35. 1:17
    When you hear someone talking shit about you.