Muddy Waters Rollin’Stone – Newport1960



  1. Avatar Potato 댓글:

    Elekfantz – Wish sampled this

  2. When getting a gig, the then guitarist and manager of The Rolling Stones Brian Jones gave the name Rolling Stones after he saw the title on Muddy Waters album. The other members initially hated the name of the band.

  3. Avatar ferd burfle 댓글:

    This melody is from a chain gang chant. It was sung during forced labor on the railroad among other things.

  4. The Stones took their group name in a nano second decision from this song as it was the first song on muddy's album…they were lucky to say the least. They "read it" and said "OK" we are broke so we can't go wrong.

  5. Avatar Maria Lara 댓글:

    Rolling Stone, best song. I hear this song wiht wisky, son marijane and coke. This teh worl real.

  6. This is Stone Cold Blues as Muddy Once Said

  7. Avatar 3loosh 22 댓글:

    he got blak cat bone .. and he got mojo too 🎶

  8. Avatar Helgali 댓글:

    Nobody knows him as we should. His only modern merit is to name the 60's English band.

  9. Avatar Michael Lubin 댓글:

    7 chunks of bedrock watched this video.

  10. Avatar Cora Visser 댓글:

    This is fantastic blues woh thank you Muddy Waters we shall keep it alive for always.

  11. Avatar old skool 댓글:

    legendary, and dressed like a million bucks in 1960, the man ! muddy waters!

  12. Avatar Chris Ellis 댓글:

    As we say here in Kent (UK) Fackin' goldust guv !! aint that the truth . . .

  13. welp
    theres no songs this man has made that a kid should listen to, but here i am doing a music project

  14. Avatar Leighton Julye 댓글:

    Muddy Waters Rollin'Stone – Newport1960

  15. Avatar Thomas Kirby 댓글:

    So much more shuffle-y than the record.  Very cool.

  16. Avatar Matt McCalpin 댓글:

    That made me so happy. This song got me into music many years ago.

  17. Avatar MeZillch 댓글:

    The rock group "The Rolling Stones" credit their name to this song!

  18. Great post…thanks. Blues n' the roots of Rock n' Roll.

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    its so good to see this an honor