1. He came dancing across the water
    With his galleons and guns
    Looking for the new world
    In that palace in the sun.

    On the shore lay Montezuma
    With his coca leaves and pearls
    In his halls he often wondered
    With the secrets of the worlds.

    And his subjects gathered 'round him
    Like the leaves around a tree
    In their clothes of many colors
    For the angry gods to see.

    And the women all were beautiful
    And the men stood straight and strong
    They offered life in sacrifice
    So that others could go on.

    Hate was just a legend
    And war was never known
    The people worked together
    And they lifted many stones.

    They carried them to the flat lands
    And they died along the way
    But they built up with their bare hands
    What we still can't do today.

    And I know she's living there
    And she loves me to this day
    I still can't remember when
    Or how I lost my way.

    He came dancing across the water
    Cortez, Cortez
    What a killer.

  2. Rodolfo Klenik 댓글:

    Desde el minuto 6.00 en adelante, es una obra maestra de guitarra, feeling, amor, emoción y pasión. Niel es un grande entre los grandes

  3. michel kovac 댓글:

    es la mejor version de todas esperando que venga a argentina y haga una nueva los estamos esperando  miguel

  4. Dustin Mirra 댓글:

    Uncle Neil my Godfather

  5. Txabo Kovacevic 댓글:

    The Man riding the Horse… nothing can compare to this.

  6. TheOddess 댓글:

    Need to find a clearer version of this on worldtube! This live performance is just sublime!!!! (better than the studio version in my humble opinion) 

  7. andyningjing 댓글:

    it is not about how many notes you play, but how you play the notes. An absolute master in sharing his feelings through his playing

  8. Nick Allaert 댓글:

    Absolutely the best version of this song

  9. CodyP2112 댓글:

    Neil is not only a fantastic musician, but one of the best songwriters of our time…period.

  10. Fortoate Smith 댓글:

    dave matthew band sucks balls and neil young is a way better guitarist then that little bitch

  11. Fred Swan 댓글:

    Dude, sorry, but you just don't get it…

  12. hdfreeview 댓글:

    I've been a fan in New Zealand since age 16. Was in Stockholm in '89 aged 26 when he cancelled a show suddenly due to his son being ill. Nearly 20 years later I finally get to see him live (Big Day Out in Auckland, New Zealand 16 January 2009) and he played an extended version of my favourite Cortez The Killer. Brought tears to my eyes. Absolutely awesome, Neil you still rock at 62!

  13. Detman101 댓글:

    Geez louise man…I've been trying to get the intro to this exact song down for the past 2 years and I STILL don't know how its done!

    Simply magnificent…


  14. enwurds 댓글:

    There's no tellin how much I've smoked listening to this song over the years. I'm reading Eduardo Galeano's "Open Veins of Latin America" right now & this song has been stuck in my head the whole time.

  15. ginmark 댓글:

    griswald7 you were not disappointed in Philly last week…… I was there and this song was UN-FUCKING-REAL….. I was COMPLETELY blown away

  16. He kills the crowd like cortez the killer at the end…

  17. griswald7 댓글:

    Just gut-wrenching. Can't wait for Friday in Philly. Top 5 song of all time in my ears.

  18. ErinVonBaron 댓글:

    yeah I was there too! I was glad he actually played his classics but his new stuff was absolutely HORRIBLE. I was sooooo glad he played powderfinger!

  19. goobernoodles 댓글:

    Such a powerful song.

  20. Great version. Has gotta be from Weld note the "Prince Valiant" hairdo gives it away.Wish They would come out with it on DVD.And you can really smell the Horse on this one!

  21. swanny708 댓글:

    I don't think this is from Live Rust.

  22. lordsofkoble 댓글:

    That gives me a buzz!!! I respect those who wish to cover this song because i do too but we'll never get close to this performance. I think it's a peak in his career .

  23. juicyj56 댓글:

    i just saw him in concert yesterday in vancouver !!!!!! this song especially was amazing just so much feeling

  24. Oliver Browne 댓글:

    Saw Neil a couple of months ago and he was playing awesome but he never played this or like a hurricane and i was never so depressed leaving that gig as i knew hearing this live would've been one of the greatest most poignant moments in my life

  25. xeb 댓글:

    Listen to the studio version of maggot brain by Funkadelic before you watch this….im not kidding.. 20 min of pure emotion.. 2 of the best and most underrated solos.

  26. steve carter 댓글:

    brilliant…. just brilliant

  27. PHENOMINAL…JUST PHENOMINAL (if I can spell right)

  28. jesapizza 댓글:


    in spades

  29. jesapizza 댓글:

    Perfectly said

  30. UnrighteousFury 댓글:

    That guitar hits you so hard in the heart.

  31. walkingbear56 댓글:

    Yep, when it comes to music..its all taste….I like the word "different"… for me its a question of passion…does it rock or not, and are the audience getting off on it like the musicians?

  32. Oliver Browne 댓글:

    pure magic, has to be the greatest live performance i've ever heard, theres something so spiritual bout it.
    I'd luv 2 find a film or bit of footage of something that it'd sync pefectly with, kinda like dark side of the moon and wizard of oz

  33. walkingbear56 댓글:

    Sometimes better.. you haven't seen the version by Grace Potter and Joe Santarini then?

  34. Powderfinger07 댓글:

    Timeless…my favorite version that I've listened to a zillion times but NEVER gets old.

  35. bluesjunky52 댓글:

    I'm beside myself here…..that's nothin' short of a religious experience…..

    Where's a good mushroom when you need it?

  36. J J 댓글:

    This is my favourite Neil Young song, absolutely brilliant

  37. marvy1118 댓글:

    Covers should only be done if the original is lacking something and could be improved upon. Just my opinion. I don't think Neil's live version of this song could be improved upon. Maybe I'm wrong.

  38. marvy1118 댓글:

    The original studio version is on Zuma, but this live version is not.

    otheozzy, the version on Weld is awesome. I don't have it, so I don't know if this is it, but I remember being totally impressed years ago when I listened to a friend's Weld CD.

  39. acdeucee 댓글:

    Neil totally rocks this on Rust never sleeps.