patti smith

Dancing Barefoot



  1. Probably the best version of this song I've heard. Simplicity is often underrated.

  2. utubehall 댓글:

    We can never be as cool as Patti, A Goddess

  3. vincuc 댓글:

    Beautiful acoustic performance!

  4. bbggss 댓글:

    she just does what she f.cking want to.
    such a control, variation strongness and feeling.
    no to be found. great

  5. Karin Junker 댓글:

    patti smith ~ forever!

  6. Luna Mereo 댓글:

    Makes me come on like some heroine…………………..

  7. heidiology 댓글:

    that guitarist gets it, man. 🙂 <3 patti smith

  8. David Biedny 댓글:

    The true queen of punk, she totally transcends with this lovely gem, I can't get enough of this version. Love ya, Patti!

  9. laburgy 댓글:

    incredible, wonderful, whole woman <3

  10. HoB Umbra 댓글:

    le rock s'écrit avec un P comme Patti

  11. Daina Imperiale 댓글:


  12. Lissi Kete 댓글:

    that guitarist is epic

  13. You are my heroin/e.

  14. lee sellars 댓글:

    one of my most favourite patti songs,,,,brilliant

  15. Ann 댓글:

    +TOMMASO ANTONACI it´s her son! 🙂

  16. astroboirap 댓글:

    is this joey ramone?

  17. fsa369 댓글:

    The plot of our life sweats in the dark like a face
    The mystery of childbirth, of childhood itself
    Grave visitations
    What is it that calls to us?
    Why must we pray screaming?
    Why must not death be redefined?
    We shut our eyes we stretch out our arms
    And whirl on a pane of glass
    An afixiation a fix on anything the line of life the limb of a tree
    The hands of he and the promise that s/he is blessed among women.

  18. SueSue Grunge 댓글:

    Please can anyone tell me the name of this poem and who it's written by. I'm pretty sure she wrote it but would like to know for sure. Great song and performance!

  19. Sun Bell 댓글:

    Patti Smith is one of my inspirations. Go woman!

  20. Kseale1 댓글:

    I agree with old deftone… up there, Patti is the most beautiful kind of person in the purest sense.
    I have loved her for many years and will while I am still aboard this cosmic ship. It is an honor and pleasure to hear every note that comes forth from this woman.
    Rock on Patti!

  21. ThePizzageek 댓글:

    one of the strongest, richest voices in rock

  22. billysometimes 댓글:

    I love you, Patti Smith. You are a beautiful poet and I thank God we are alive at the same time.

  23. Y'know, BEAUTY only takes you so far. I would MUCH rather be with a woman like this, to LIVE my life with, to EXPERIENCE life with, to TALK with, share my life with, to go places with, to discover the world and all that it has to offer, to just sit with QUIETLY and say nothing, than to be stuck with almost any "Beauty Queen", Glamour Girl or "Pin-Up" that I have ever known or seen…