Sam & Dave – Soul Man (1967)



  1. these guys look older,like they were singing in the early 50`s too,not sure if they were or not

  2. Avatar Peter Lipman 댓글:

    Horns!! Before KC and the Sunshine Band and Earth Wind and Fire.

  3. worst crowd i ever seen lol they were clueless about that music lol

  4. Avatar Ralph Alvarez 댓글:


  5. Avatar Jud Powell 댓글:

    the backup band is the Bar Kays

  6. Avatar Tjabbe Tjibsma 댓글:

    Check out version of this song on my channel. " LPF – Soul men "

  7. Avatar mspraggins 댓글:

    How can they not not be clappin', dancin' and shakin' that thang???!!!!

  8. Avatar darci12u 댓글:

    Just think these kids were told not to move…….so they didn't.

  9. Avatar john smith 댓글:

    The Stranglers were asked by the Clash-who copied them-who were your inspirations for stage-well hey. The Stranglers aint Green Day-they look like whitey hell

  10. Avatar Paul Hodge 댓글:

    Was this made at Stax in Memphis??

  11. Avatar Bass Player 댓글:

    I grew up with this music- Great stuff… I remember one of these guys was killed in a car crash, he was about 50 at the time…

  12. Avatar Dolly Williams 댓글:

    The word should have the best not the beast. Love them

  13. Avatar Dolly Williams 댓글:

    They were one of the beast Soul performers of all times, I still listen to them all the time, Love them.
    Dolly Williams

  14. Dang, oh, dang…that was sooo good!!!! ❤❤❤

  15. Avatar Laurie Lambert 댓글:

    This is a classic. Most people wouldn't know it existed if not for the movie, The Blues Brothers.

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