1. Daniel Papp 댓글:

    As a kid I loved the bass. Couldn't get enough of this song. Ringo's drums…you don't need a comment.

  2. Grant Bratrud 댓글:

    God grant they play this song at my funeral. Last wishes, etc. May God also grant, in His infinite wisdom, that it rain heavily on the day. Mercy for those left alive, and the gift of rain, God grant.

  3. Robert Reynolds 댓글:

    Best rock song ever!! Cortez the Killer is next.

  4. 179cpv 댓글:

    Some of Ringo’s best drumming here IMHO.

  5. gerald 413 댓글:

    I just went in a cd place they had rubber soul in vinyl for 20$. Someone ordered it and didn't come back for it.

  6. Michael Donaghy 댓글:

    Now I get Oasis

  7. SkullBoy64 댓글:

    Just waiting for rain because if would turn to snow and I'm wishing for snow…

  8. john anderson 댓글:

    thanks so much 94berto! this is the first recond i ever bought and as i started it i thought "oh no! beatles on youtube. it's going to be a cover." so what a nice surprise! i appreciate the time you invested so we can all hear it on here.

  9. Jacob Bullard 댓글:

    wow incredible song, nirvana vibes almost 30 years ahead

  10. Seto Elkahfi 댓글:

    I know you guys are looking for this:

    [Verse 1]
    If the rain comes
    They run and hide their heads
    They might as well be dead
    If the rain comes
    If the rain comes
    When the sun shines
    They slip into the shade
    And sip their lemonade
    When the sun shines
    When the sun shines

    Rain, I don't mind
    Shine, the weather's fine

    [Verse 2]
    I can show you
    That when it starts to rain
    Everything's the same
    I can show you
    I can show you

    Rain, I don't mind
    Shine, the weather's fine

    [Verse 3]
    Can you hear me
    That when it rains and shines
    It's just a state of mind
    Can you hear me
    Can you hear me

    Sdaeh rieht edih dna nur yeht semoc niar eht fI
    NiaR, enihsnuS

  11. Alejo Bagnera 댓글:

    cerca, rosario siempre estuvo cerca

  12. Natashahoneypot 댓글:

    /brilliant song

  13. majorpremise 댓글:

    Entire song sounds like one long mantra.

  14. jennifur sun 댓글:

    LOVE THE RICK bass on this song. wish Paul had gotten one earlier. my fav Ringo drumming. he said once he couldn't duplicate it

  15. Kym Chaffin 댓글:

    I own that 45! Hey, wait, is that mine?

  16. litealite G. 댓글:

    what a presentation . the actual 45 cover and the 45 on a turntable . you made my day !! it brings me back to an actual moment of my history when I listened to this song for the first time and it was a warm summers day . I fell in love with the song . thanks

  17. Gaston Martinez 댓글:

    Hermoso, simplemente hermoso

  18. pcguy5491 댓글:

    good b-side

  19. Forrest B 댓글:

    Ringo said RAIN was the most difficult song to play during his drumming career.

  20. Robert Reynolds 댓글:

    What a voice!! Comes right at you. This is one of their best. Mcartney kicking ass on da bass. Tight.

  21. The Don Wesley 댓글:

    The first record I ever bought, I had turned 10yrs old just days before its release …

  22. libraryquiet 댓글:

    Many phases of the Beatles recording career were described as fresh, playful, comic, daring, psychedelic and so on. But on this song and on Revolver…., to me…, is when the Beatles were tough.

  23. Tony DeGregorio 댓글:

    If only John could sing halfway decent.

  24. Vacuum Boots 댓글:

    Reminds me of mani and stone roses

  25. Trevor Wylie 댓글:

    amazingly this sounds just like it did on my mono record player 40 plus years ago as for the quality i suspect this is as good as it ever gets.

  26. No One 댓글:

    I like how this was just a recording of the actual record, it gives a nostalgic kind of sound.

  27. Sprongo 댓글:

    Stop making me buy The Lads over and over again.

  28. louise roman 댓글:

    Thanks for posting mate. Hard to believe you're the only one who posted this terrific little song by John. Appreciate it.

  29. city zen 댓글:

    A bit fast, don't you think?

  30. Patrick V 댓글:

    it sounds so sped up but that was intentional. I have the bootleg version of the actual recorded speed and it's fantastically draggy and has more bass output that the released recording. Paperback too! My absolute favorite Beatle recordings.

  31. degree7 댓글:

    1966 must have been one crazy year 😎