The Young Rascals – Good Lovin’ (1966)

I said “Doctor, Mr. M.D.”



  1. Gia Ferrara DVM 댓글:

    You guys were so popular in the 60’s. I loved your music as a 9 year old and still do.

  2. Stacie M 댓글:

    Who knew a group of grown men could rock out so hard while wearing Peter Pan collars, short pants, and stockings 🤘?

  3. Jay Hollywood 댓글:

    Lots of energy! Great song. Good times…

  4. Pablo Gar 댓글:

    no bassman!

  5. Frank Silvey 댓글:

    Drummers on point bad group itilians always had soul

  6. My wife was from Passaic NJ. The Rascals were from the next town up Garfield, NJ. (Except from Gene (Canada). She claims Eddie was a whoremonger.

  7. warren ruland 댓글:

    They should have featured Dino more. Fantastic drummer

  8. gozanelli 댓글:

    Wow, brings back memories of me n the Jackson boys, Dom n Luciano jamming in the garage, luv the song but seems they sped up the film, Dino is a good drummer with style but he was like the Flash on this film

  9. Dino was a bad ass

  10. Mosbyraid2000 댓글:

    Dino is an awesome drummer. Watching and listening to him you can really see/hear a master of the instrument.

  11. Dan Livni 댓글:

    Felix Cavaliere is the lead singer and still alive

  12. The drummer has a mental problem called "FOH". Full Of Himself!

  13. Mike Frank 댓글:

    Dino is awesome on drums

  14. Tony2581 댓글:

    Classic ! The essence of rock and roll !

  15. MsOscara 댓글:

    Good heavens, those outfits are ridiculous! Glad they'd ditched them by the time I saw them in concert at the Duke University Fieldhouse.

  16. John Thomas 댓글:

    All this crap written about the drummer….are you kidding me! A drummer can ALWAYS be replaced, BUT, the voice of the band is what is remembered and sells records. This guy, the lead singer, remains awesome with his voice sounding the same after 1/2 century!

  17. cojaysea 댓글:

    My god how awesome .. what memories and from my home state of New Jersey !

  18. Will Drucker 댓글:

    Another great performance from THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW!!

  19. threerings134 댓글:

    This song was used in a tremendous scene in the TV show Wiseguy where gangster Sonny Steelgrave has reached the end of the line and taken refuge in an old movie house with Vinny who he now knows betrayed him. Sonny goes into a frenetic dance routine as he waits for the cavalry to arrive.

  20. Karin Jeffrey 댓글:

    That pause is one of the greatest moments in rock ever.

  21. Slick Mic 댓글:

    Dino danelli and his stick twirling and his drumming are incredible Buddy Rich the world's greatest drummer ever was also a fan of his seen this band live awesome

  22. Dale McCamish 댓글:

    As a 16yo, I used to think it was a toss up between "Young" Rascals and "Small" Faces. 20:20 hindsight a wonderful thing. Still love a lot of what the "Rascals" did, but Marriott and FACES, for me.
    Good Lovin, is a GREAT song!

  23. Slick Mic 댓글:

    I've seen some other stuff plus saw them in concert he is one of the best drummers I've ever seen small kit stick tricks he's definitely got it Dino danelli!!!

  24. jimflip 댓글:

    I remember watching the Ed Sullivan clip in it's beauty. It was awesome.

  25. Daniel Celano 댓글:

    That's the song my brother Matthew sang along to when he was 3.

  26. Kevin O'Brien 댓글:

    as of 5/15/2018, one of the few bands of the 60's with all original members still living.

  27. Giuliana Rubino 댓글:

    Happy birthday Gene Cornish ! (born May 14, 1944)

  28. Ned Kelly 댓글:

    Cool song…great band!

  29. Matt Osler 댓글:

    How good were these dudes?! 😎

  30. yourtubesteak 댓글:

    Why get rid of the actual live audio?

  31. Lea Jones 댓글:

    I got the fever!!

  32. Cherie 댓글:

    Yes Dino was awesome, but so were Felix, Eddie & Gene! Just look at the energy ALL these guys had. I especially get a kick out of watching them in this video..they all are getting down! Check out Felix's feet and Eddie & Gene dancing it!